Muskingum Catalytic Converter Recycling

Muskingum Iron And Metal is the #1 catalytic converter recycling company in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Alabama. As with any mechanical device, catalytic converters will go bad. Because of the composition of catalytic converters, we recycle them for their precious metals content. Platinum, palladium and rhodium exist in trace amounts.

Commercial Converter Buying


If you are a commercial business looking to sell your catalytic converters on a regular basis, Americatz makes it simple and easy. Our team of road buyers will visit your business location on a regular basis to pick up your catalytic converters and pay you on the spot. We use the industry’s largest catalytic converter database to give you the top, real-time market pricing with full transparency.

Catalytic Converter Purchasing


Recycling catalytic converters is an intensive procedure, but is also a boost to the environment. If your catalytic converter goes bad, you can earn money by contacting us and in addition to putting some extra dollars in your pocket, you are helping the environment. Although catalytic converters are relatively simple devices, it is amazing to see how positive an impact they have on the environment. Americatz Catalytic Converter Recyclers is one of the few recyclers who give you the maximum dollar amount for your catalytic converter.