Consumer Recycling

Whether you have some old pipe from a plumbing job, you are rewiring a house or you'’'re simply cleaning out your garage, we can help you turn your scrap metal into dollars. For nearly 100 years, our region's plumbers, electricians, homeowners and more have been coming to see us because they want to be treated fairly and honestly, and they want to get paid top dollar! Contact us today for a price quote on your material or submit an online price quote request form.

When you recycle with us, you will feel good about the money in your pocket, but you will feel great about your contribution to the environment.

When you've realized Muskingum Iron and Metal is where you want to be, swing by one of our convenient locations and our friendly staff will be happy to help you unload your material and get you paid immediately.

With Us

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From drive-thru drop off to sorting we are here to make recycling easier.



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Aluminum Can Prices

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