We offer Multi-State Scrap Management Services

Superior service and comprehensive solutions for multi-site businesses with scrap recycling needs.

Muskingum Iron and Metal's highly experienced and dedicated team offers comprehensive, centralized scrap management solutions for national businesses with broad geographic reach. From the initial determination of service, financing and program requirements to the ongoing logistics, transportation and onsite equipment to service multiple locations, we can partner with you to accomplish your business objectives while maximizing the value of your scrap. Our flexible customer service can accommodate varying levels of program management, from full service operational support to brokerage support, or direct to consumers. In a full service program, whether it's one location or multiple facilities, we coordinate the process. This includes managing ongoing communication, logistics and documentation to monitor the program and providing centralized reporting. For brokerage support, we provide independent verification of third-party vendors, including site visits, cost avoidance analysis and competitive pricing on all aspects of the project.

Environmental stewardship is an important aspect embedded in each of our programs as we adhere to stringent environmental standards that meet all state and federal regulatory requirements. From design to operation, we take responsibility for efficient and safe metal processing and cost-effective project management.


From immediate support to long-term scrap management, Muskingum Iron and Metal is ready and able to help. Our team:

  • Acts as a strategic partner
  • Provides synergies between all departments from operations, purchasing, accounting and transportation
  • Implements ongoing improvement initiatives
  • Uses best practices and controls at plant levels to ensure proper handling and reporting for scrap
  • Continually looks for new markets for scrap and finds efficiencies in processes
  • Builds and maintains ongoing partnerships with automotive, lighting and HVAC manufacturing leaders
  • Manages the full scope of recycling efforts for partners, utilizing a strong support staff to handle all aspects of reporting
  • Continually develops and manages ongoing improvement initiatives between corporate and plant/facility locations
  • Implements controls and best practices at multiple sites while creating synergies between corporate and regional needs
  • Consolidates vendors and handles all phases of recovery program
  • Develops new programs
  • Performs plant assessments and waste audits to capture new revenue streams for partner companies

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