Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Recycling in Ohio at Muskingum Iron and Metal

Developing a Recycling Program Begins with a Waste Stream Audit from Muskingum Iron and Metal

As the world embraces greener technologies, the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles has taken center stage in the automotive industry. These vehicles offer reduced emissions and enhanced energy efficiency, thanks in large part to their advanced battery systems. However, like all batteries, the day comes when these powerhouses reach the end of their useful life. This is where responsible recycling becomes crucial, and Muskingum Iron and Metal is at the forefront of this sustainability revolution in Ohio.

The Recycling Imperative

Electric vehicle batteries are marvels of modern engineering, containing an array of valuable materials that deserve a second life. Rather than allowing these batteries to accumulate in landfills, recycling them unlocks an array of environmental and economic benefits. When you recycle your EV batteries at Muskingum Iron and Metal, you're not just disposing of waste – you're contributing to a circular economy that conserves resources and reduces the carbon footprint.

The Recycling Process

At Muskingum Iron and Metal, our state-of-the-art recycling process is designed to extract the maximum value from every EV battery that comes our way, allowing us to pay you a competitive price. The process starts with careful disassembly, where batteries are meticulously taken apart to access their valuable components. Our advanced techniques ensure minimal waste generation and efficient material separation.

Valuable Components

Electric vehicle batteries are a treasure trove of valuable metals and materials, each with its own unique role in powering these vehicles:

  1. Lithium-ion Cells: These cells are the heart of EV batteries, storing and delivering energy efficiently. Our recycling process aims to recover as much of the lithium content as possible, contributing to the sustainable production of new batteries.
  2. Cobalt and Nickel: These metals play a crucial role in enhancing electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle battery performance. By recycling them, we reduce the need for new mining, conserving resources and minimizing environmental impact.
  3. Aluminum and Copper: The battery casing and wiring contain significant amounts of aluminum and copper. Recycling these materials reduces the demand for energy-intensive primary production, leading to energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Rare Earth Elements: EV batteries also contain small amounts of rare earth elements that are vital for various electronic components. Responsible recycling helps ensure a steady supply of these essential elements.

Choosing Muskingum Iron and Metal

When it comes to recycling electric vehicle batteries, Muskingum Iron and Metal stands as a beacon of sustainability and innovation. Our cutting-edge recycling practices, combined with our commitment to environmental stewardship, ensure that you receive a competitive payout for your used electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle batteries.

Recycling with us is not just a transaction; it's a partnership in creating a better, cleaner future. Join us in shaping a world where EV batteries are recycled responsibly, resources are conserved, and emissions are minimized. Together, we can drive change and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.


As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise, the importance of responsible battery recycling cannot be overstated. Muskingum Iron and Metal is your trusted partner in this crucial endeavor. By choosing us, you're making a choice for the environment, for innovation, and for a greener future. Join the movement – recycle your electric vehicle batteries with Muskingum Iron and Metal today and be a part of the solution that drives us toward a sustainable tomorrow.

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